IFIF Regulatory Convergence Project

In 2014 IFIF, together with FEFANA, launched the global Convergence Project with the overall long term objective of the project is to enable the convergence of the technical requirements for the safety assessment of feed ingredients between jurisdictions globally.

Initially focused on Canada, EU and the USA, the enabling capabilities should support the development of science-based technical guidance documents, and should facilitate in a lean but sustainable and transparent way the dialogue and the exchange of information between the authorities and the industry experts.

The collaboration should lead to the publication of an efficient and harmonized set of documents dealing with risk assessment of feed ingredients. This set of documents would serve as a foundation for the mutual recognition of the safety assessment outcome between the different jurisdictions.

The Convergence Project is the concrete next step from the 2013 IFIF "Comparison of Regulatory Management of Authorized Ingredients, Approval Processes, and Risk-Assessment Procedures for Feed Ingredients" report that covers Brazil, Canada, China, European Union, Japan, South Africa, and United States. This study was drafted based on expert input and support by government feed regulators and feed and feed ingredients associations in the 7 regions covered.

The objective of the report was to address similarities and differences among 7 regulatory jurisdictions on the regulatory management of authorized (existing) feed ingredients, the approval process, and risk management assessment for feed ingredients. The tool can assist in global marketing as well as supporting in the harmonization/convergence efforts in identifying areas of dissimilarity, which ultimately should ease of trade of feed and ingredients among these regions.