FAO / IFIF ‘Feed Manual of Good Practices for the Feed Industry’ published in Arabic

May 30, 2013

The International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF) together with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) have launched the Arabic language version of the “Manual of Good Practices for the Feed Industry”. This Manual, the first of its kind, was published by IFIF and FAO to increase feed safety and quality at the production level.

Alexandra de Athayde, IFIF Executive Director, explains, “the Feed Manual is designed to increase feed safety and quality at the production level both for industrial production and on farm mixing.” Ms de Athayde adds, “The Feed Manual is intended to guide managers of feedmills and the feed industry as a whole and we are very pleased that we have now launched the Arabic language version. We believe this will support international trade in feed products as well as in products of animal origin”.  

Daniela Battaglia, Livestock Development Officer at the Animal Production and Health Division of FAO, says, “FAO is very active in developing capacity in its members countries on different issues regarding animal nutrition and animal feeding safety.” Ms. Battaglia adds “the Feed Manual offers comprehensive information and practical guidelines to assist producers and all stakeholders along the production and distribution chain to comply with the regulatory framework based on the Codex Alimentarius Code of Practice on Good Animal Feeding and ensure feed safety.”

The Arabic, Chinese and English language versions of the Feed Manual are available for download here. French and Spanish language versions of the Manual will be launched later in 2013.

About IFIF

The International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF) is made up of national and regional feed associations, feed related organizations, and corporate members from around the globe, representing over 80% of the feed production worldwide. IFIF provides a unified leadership and coordinating role in order to contribute to the sustainable supply of safe, healthy feed and therefore food. For more information on IFIF please visit www.ifif.org or contact Alexandra de Athayde, Executive Director, at info@ifif.org.

Issued by:  IFIF

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